Corporate Information

Why we exist

Our aim is to bring gamers together that enjoy mental stimulation and challenges. We publish a variety of games from puzzles, to fantasy, to sports all with the common goal of giving our community an in-depth and rewarding game experience.

Company Info

Legal Name: Enigma Games, Inc.
Founded: Feb 26, 2000
Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Press Contact

Press Editor: Xavier D. Moore
Phone: 901-219-7933
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About Enigma Games:  Founded in 2000, Enigma Games Inc. is an independent developer of video games for Mac, PC, Facebook and mobile platforms. Focusing on innovation and strategy, their lineup of games has carved a niche in the industry. Distribution agreements with Intel, Samsung, Amazon, Apple, Verizon, Blackberry, Appia, and Barnes & Nobles allow Enigma Games Inc. to reach its target customers through their high volume websites.