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Theta Warriors Defense

Theta Warriors Defense is an eSport strategy game.

A battle consists of 2 to 10 zone map that pits warring factions (Omega, Synergy, and Asgard) in a 3-way conflict. The first faction to eliminate both enemy home bases is the victor. In multiplayer and co-op modes, factions can contain up to 4 players each while in single player modes, enemy factions are controlled by the AI.

Game Modes

  • Single Player Missions
  • Co-Op Missions
  • Multiplayer (1-4) vs (1-4) vs (1-4)


Each zone has 6 placement points for towers. The towers will defend the entry paths to the Command Base. If this base is destroyed the zone flips ownership to the invader. Zones can contain 2 to 6 roads connecting it to an adjacent zone. These roads can be used to invade or transport units to the connecting zone.

There are 3 types of zones:

  1. Faction Base
  2. Kron Generators
  3. Alloy Mines

Defense Towers

Currently, there are 6 types of defense towers with 4 damage types: Laser, Ballistics, Electronic, and Missile. Each tower can be build by clicking on a tower base in a zone. After the tower is built, it will attack any enemy unit within it’s attack range. Defense towers can be upgrades for more Power, Range, and Speed.

Command Bases

Command Bases are the main structures in a zone. If they are destroyed, the invading factions gains control of that zone. Accessing a base include options for zone upgrades, building and storage of units. When a zone goes under construction a new command base can be built. Here are the following types:

  • Kron Miner
  • Crystal Generator
  • Support Base
  • Assault Base
  • Nuclear Bunker
  • Air Defense
  • Land Defense
  • Nuclear Plant

Building bases requires Alloy which can be acquired through ownership of alloy mine zones.


Air and Ground units are used to defend and invade enemy zones. Each unit has Power, Armor, Speed, and Resistance stats and can be upgraded with special abilities in the Command Base. Units entering a friendly zone will be added to the storage in that zone. Building new units requires Krons.

*Information will be updated as the game design evolves!

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