Warriors 2


Where to Play

Warriors 2: Road to Ragnarok is a turn based strategy RPG. You must assemble an army and adventure through the mythical land of Bors. During your travels you will meet new warriors who are willing to join your mission. That mission is to prevent the Wargods and their Titans from starting Ragnarok and destroying the world. Choose your team from over 300 unique warriors available separated into 12 combat styles. Each style brings a different ability into the battle which creates an easy to learn yet complex strategic combat system.


  •  Many different zones across three difficulty levels.
  • Over 300 unique characters across three tiers to choose for your team.
  • A shop for purchasing random units for each tier
  • Achievements for in game trophies.
  • Progress is saved automatically to allow for casual play



  • Progress through the world by fighting in various quests and tournaments.
  • Clearing Quests gives units to add to your team pool.
  • Defeat bosses and tournaments for more powerful units.

“300 unique warriors and 12 different combat styles in a uniquely challenging strategic combat system!”

– CrazyMikesapps.com