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Wargods Origins (Book 1 of 5)

Book Information

The first installment in the five part series detailing the backstory of Wargods Online. Book 1 starts in the Amenteph Empire where a Priestess named Sauda is pushed to the brink by a deadly plague. With the fate of her homeland hanging in the balance and her faith in the Sun Father shaken, Sauda makes a decision that will change the Amenteph Empire forever.

Warning: The book gets a little violent so we don’t advise using it as a bedtime story!

Meet the Author

Jason Gibson is a particularly odd man of noble and regal bearing, chiseled features, and impeccable table manners. He has often been told that he is, in fact, too handsome to attend certain public performances as he is a distraction from the show. Furthermore, his smile has been known to make wilted flowers bloom, otherwise dutiful women leave their husbands, and cure obscure diseases. The mere mention of his name in certain parts of North America has led to simultaneous marriage proposals and bar fights, and it is widely rumored that he once had Chuck Norris hold a door open for him. Ah yes, and he prepares hot chocolate that makes people immediately happy, regardless of their prior disposition.