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A cause-and-effect essay on “social anxiety" - Basic Example



In a cause and effect essay, the essay writer targets a topic and presents the different causes that caused it, in addition to that it presents the various effects of that particular thing discussed in the topic. For example, if the topic of the cause and effect essay is illegal immigration, then the writer mainly focuses on the causes of illegal immigration are and how the country is affected by illegal immigration that is he will present the different effects of illegal immigration. According to a professional writer of an essay writing service, writing effective cause and effect essays is not that difficult, it just requires the writer to follow the requirements and the purpose for which the essay is written.

It has been found that students hesitate to write different types of essays. One of the reasons behind this has a station is their understanding of what these essays are for. For example, upon asking the student who always used to tell me “ write my essay”, I found that he had no idea what the different types of essays are for. Meaning that he was not aware of the purpose for which different types of essays are written. Keeping in consideration this issue, it is the prime responsibility of instructors To make students aware of the purpose for which different types of essays are written and the way they are written. This will help students slowly and steadily learning to write effective essays.

How to write effective cause and effect essays it is very necessary to consider a number of different things before and during the write-up. These different things vary from the topic of the essay to the organization of the essay. A good essay writer is one who spends considerable time on the different things that contribute to a well-written essay. Most of the students who are not able to write effective essays are found to start working on their essays at the very last moment. The stress of meeting the deadline always stops the writer from writing effective essays and generating effective ideas for the essay. Therefore, considerable time should be spent on writing essays no matter what type of essay it is.

Tips for writing an effective cause and effect essay



Mentioned below are some of the tips for writing effective cause and effect essays:

  1. Carefully select the topic of the cause and effect essay because in most of the cases students select random topics and while writing the essay they are not able to generate more ideas because of the lack of understanding of the topic. Therefore, select topics that interest you and for which you can easily write the different causes and effects. A topic that interests the writer helps the writer in generating more and new ideas. However, the interest of the audience or the reader should also be considered while deciding the topic for the cause-and-effect essay.

  2. Develop an effective thesis statement for the cause and effect essay. This thesis statement should be effective enough to attract the attention of the audience and it should be written in such a way that it encourages the readers or the audience to read more.

  3. At first, create a draft for the cause and effect essay and then keep making improvements until you find the draft final for submission.

  4. Make sure all your points in the cause and effect essay are logical and clear. This can be achieved by making your sentences simpler and using a direct approach to convey your point to the audience or the readers.



Sample cause-and-effect essay on “social anxiety”



Feeling nervous or anxious in social situations or events is a very common thing. For instance, going to give your first presentation might make you anxious. This is very common but in some situations, the fear or anxiety might be a sign of social anxiety disorder. Some people are self-conscious and feel anxious specifically in social interactions as they have the fear of being judged by other people in society. The fear of being Bullet or judged by others is very extreme and is found to influence the cognitive health of the individual permanently. Not just the people who are socially anxious suffer from this but it also impacts the people around that individual or else consider an essay writing service.

One of the causes of social anxiety is the lack of interaction with society or the world. People who do not interact with the world are found to get used to living alone. This loneliness gives rise to social anxiety and depression. Sometimes the environment of the family is such that the children are brought up to live alone, that is without interaction with the family members or even relatives. This might also cause social anxiety. Lack of confidence or communication is also sometimes found to cause social anxiety.

One of the effects of social anxiety is that it might stop the individual from interacting with others. This further might lead the person to not avail opportunities for his career or future. Another effect of social anxiety is that It makes the individual inactive. This inactiveness influences the physical as well as cognitive health of the individual. Apart from that, it might give rise to severe health issues. Social anxiety is a psychological issue that, can be overcome by interacting with people in society. Confidence and communication can also be built up to overcome different social issues such as social anxiety etc.

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