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    The most special point is the particularly added anti-friction design of this cushioned sports socks, so that it can protect your ankle even you do rough exercise. The stripe itself has the feeling of sports vitality, the overall line fits the foot and is comfortable and the breathability of the fabric is also very good. Wide-necked elastic cuff of this socks, full of elasticity, very comfortable to wear during sports. Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of high and low grade socks. The company is strong in strength and has its own workshops and management staff at home and abroad. Customers with needs, please believe us, choose us!
    –70% nylon, 22% cotton, 8% spandex
    –Anti-friction design, sports vitality
    –Wide-necked elastic cuff
    1. Can I reduce the MOQ to some extent?
    This problem needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis. The minimum order quantity for each color of each type of socks is 3000 pairs. If the customer does not need as many colors for each type of socks, but will choose multiple colors, then we can also reduce the order quantity requirements to a minimum of 2000 pairs. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, we believe that customers can see the quality and advantages of our products and then enter long-term business relations. Thank you.Womens Sports Socks suppliers

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