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    just wondering if we could fix the display bug where the “TASK” and “NEWS” pane in the home page is blank and not showing but if you enter the battleground map, it shows up. check the screenshots i uploaded, the first one is when you’re outside the battleground map, the task and news pane is empty/blank, the second screenshot, when you’re in the battleground map, it’s showing fine.

    first screen shot

    second screen shot


    everytime i click on to something that is on the bottom part of the page (ex.: merchant items, guild merchant armor enhancement, weapon bonus, anything that requires you to scroll down the page), the page will automatically scroll up. it’s a bit inconvenient especially if you’re enhancing your armor multiple times or buying multiple treasure chest and/or items on the merchant since every click/purchase/upgrade you make the page will scroll up and you have to re-scroll down again… everytime. any easy way it gets fixed?


    it’s the bonus day of each faction once they accomplish the stage 1 and stage 2 of the faction tasks


    haha. you gain double level up for every level up.


    well i lied! LOL this might just be a visual bug but i can’t seem to see the faction task on the task tab. i’m sure there is a task because i’m getting clan points for doing the usual task for Wargods Faction. but could you check? thanks a lot 🙂


    working now. however im trying to create a new account and i can’t get pass through the account creation. “please choose a secret question.” popping up even if i already selected a question


    but nope. quest is still locked. 😀 but thanks for the update fix!


    thanks so much. i swear this is going to be the last, i didn’t notice it earlier. but enigma based pre-50 characters are still inactive to the server similar to what you fixed the past days, not showing up on world wars, not updating on teampool and last login date not updating based on clan page info.

    also, would you be able to reset the ragnarok defense quest for enigma server side? someone must have finished the waves but probably stopped playing the drakainas. the quest is locked for some quite time now.

    thanks so much 🙂


    android 6.0 marshmallow


    hey Tzo, it’s been a while! i actually “stalked” your facebook profile few days ago, looks like all is well for you 🙂 looking forward to catching up some time!


    thanks! well… im not sure if it is just me or everyone but my opponents images never loads (see image). it’s just like that on all kinds of battle (world war, quest, tourneys).. any chance it’s a bug or just on my side?



    Blazin Sinners (Wargods Faction Clan). i am trying to invite my pre-50 character name Adukka. he’s not getting the pop up invite, i created a few more characters to check if this is character specific but nope, im really not getting any invite to any of my characters i tried adding.

    few things: i remember, before when you already sent an invite to a character and tried to resend another invite it should notify you that you have already sent an invite to that character. But this time it’s not. it just keeps on saying “successfully invite” the player, over and over. but the nothing is popping up to the player.


    Thanks! working now! well.. while you’re at it, maybe you could fix enigma based characters not receiving clan invites. you can repeatedly invite the character over and over but the character is not receiving the invite. seems all fine with fb based characters though.


    great thanks 🙂 hopefully you could fix enigma logins not appearing on world wars, leaderboards and set up not updating on teampool any time soon.


    Great 🙂 I can’t seem to log in anything thought today 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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