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New site, new community!

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    After years of silence we are back in action to rebuild better than before. This social site will bring all of our gamers together challenge us to create better games!

    The most vocal and helpful of our warriors will be promoted to the Board of Gamers. This elite crew will be working closer with our developers and qualify to join our profit sharing program.

    Excited yet? Good, let’s get back to changing the game. 🙂



    I’m definitely excited… I wonder if I’ll be able to retain my title for most topics started and most posts. Maybe I need to get a life.


    Hello OM and Lok! Excited to see what’s been brewing with the new Wargods and catch back up with the community from years back

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    Brackish, how’ve you been? I’m not going to throw it out there publicly in case you don’t want it out there but I think we’re FB friends. If I’m right about who you are then I’ve seen some of your updates 🙂

    Unfortunately, someone else I was FB friends with recently deleted me… couldn’t take my difference in opinions I guess. Some people have to learn the world is much bigger than the bubble they’re living in.



    Woah, nice to see the old names!
    What’s up guys and not guys alike.


    Nonny Zee

    Get a life.

    Looking forward to getting back in touch with you fellas, and the new fellas.

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