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    im not sure if this is the right thread, if not just delete it. i know WGO1 is inactive now but i still want to log in and play a few rounds every now and then. So I was just wondering if it is very time consuming to fix a bug with Enigma and Myspace based accounts being not active and not updating? i tried to log in all my characters for 3 consecutive days now (they receive the login bonuses) but none of them appears on world war, none of them appears on champions page and any update i make on them doesn’t update on the team pool. my guess is that their status on server remains “INACTIVE” as i know inactive characters disappears on world wars and champions page, i can play world wars on them but they don’t appear on other character’s world war. My Facebook based characters however are working fine. i know the game is probably no longer active but i still want to play here and there so if it’s not a major issue that’s going to require hours and hours of time i hope it gets fixed. 🙂


    UPDATE: did you try to do something because now i can’t get to log in any account. >.< keeps redirecting me back to login page everytime i click “LOGIN”. :O anyway thanks for looking on it i guess


    WGO isn’t inactive. It’s just in maintenance mode so we will just fix the bugs and keep the servers running 🙂

    There are still a few players that log in from time to time I believe. Tzo is one player who has recently been logging in.


    Great 🙂 I can’t seem to log in anything thought today 🙁


    Fixed. There was an error log that filled up the hard drive!


    great thanks 🙂 hopefully you could fix enigma logins not appearing on world wars, leaderboards and set up not updating on teampool any time soon.


    I’m on it now! Brings back the good ol days 🙂


    OK try again. Server wasn’t allowing the script to finish. I knew the code was solid


    Thanks! working now! well.. while you’re at it, maybe you could fix enigma based characters not receiving clan invites. you can repeatedly invite the character over and over but the character is not receiving the invite. seems all fine with fb based characters though.


    Which clan are you in and which player are you inviting?


    Blazin Sinners (Wargods Faction Clan). i am trying to invite my pre-50 character name Adukka. he’s not getting the pop up invite, i created a few more characters to check if this is character specific but nope, im really not getting any invite to any of my characters i tried adding.

    few things: i remember, before when you already sent an invite to a character and tried to resend another invite it should notify you that you have already sent an invite to that character. But this time it’s not. it just keeps on saying “successfully invite” the player, over and over. but the nothing is popping up to the player.




    thanks! well… im not sure if it is just me or everyone but my opponents images never loads (see image). it’s just like that on all kinds of battle (world war, quest, tourneys).. any chance it’s a bug or just on my side?



    I need to remember to send bug requests here. I keep messaging OM but he’s so busy that he forgets 😛 🙂
    I’ll post bugs i see here from now on.



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