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Assemble a team of min-mins to capture war crystals from enemy teams. Use those war crystals to summon stronger min-mins to create an unstoppable army!

  • Over 80 units available
  • 5 different types of units provides team building strategy
  • Units gain exp through battle to increase their power
The Global Gift Box is a system that rewards everyone as the support for the game increases.
Player ratings separate the casual players from the veterans. We have included 6 arenas to ensure challenging battles.


Enjin Support

Multiverse Items: Epochrome Sword and Soulshift Armor

To enable Enjin Support, download the mobile wallet at: http://wallet.enjin.io

Enigma Collectibles

Collectible items have a chance to drop in chests during combat. To view your collectible items and see rewards go to: https://social.enigma-games.com/enjin/enigma/

*To receive collectibles, you must have your Enjin wallet linked

Genre: Turn based Strategy

Platforms: Mobile

Modes: Single Player, PvP


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