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Enigma Classics – Back in the game with the Blockstack blockchain

Enigma’s Classics are being re-released for play on blockstack!

We have some exciting news that we hope both our older players and our newer generation of gamers will appreciate : we are reviving some of our Classic games and plan to make them available on the Blockstack platform!

Some of you may remember them from the golden years of 2007- 2012 when our single player mobile games were available in the Windows Mobile and Verizon Vcast stores. You may have played one of our football titles on a Motorola Razr or on a BlackBerry back when they topped the charts for years. Or maybe you battled it out in one of our most successful classics, Wargods Online, which at the height of its popularity was played by close to 100000 online gamers on Myspace and Facebook.

Sadly, as Facebook turned away from games and the BlackBerry went the way of the dodo, it became much harder for indie developers like us to continue showcasing these creations.

We moved on to create other games and our players were left wondering when they would be able to play these titles again.

Wonder no more!

Full titles coming soon – Completely Free to play!

That’s right. We are re-releasing them on Blockstack completely free so that they can be re-discovered and enjoyed again! Blockstack is an emerging new blockchain company which re-imagines the internet through its network of decentralized applications (Dapps) and is the perfect ground for these classics. The Dapp environment is ideal for the simple, fun and addictive game play that our classics provide and we couldn’t pass along this opportunity.

Relive the glory and experience the power of 2D and mono sound!

our hand picked lineup of Classics that we plan to re-release on Blockstack over the coming months:
the first enigma game

First Released: 2004

Voted Best Football Strategy Game on BlackBerry

Its 4th down at the 10 yard line and your team is losing by 3. Do you kick for the tie or try for the winning touchdown? Welcome to Enigma Football League: Strategy Football. Choose from any of the 32 available teams and put your strategy to the test in this realistic simulation of American professional football (Also known as Gridiron to some of you).


First Released: 2007

Take down Master X!

Ever wanted to wrestle a biker? Well now you can! We also have a cop, bouncer, lumberjack, bodybuilder, sumo wrestler, thug, and a professional wrestler you can practice your skills on! To claim victory against any of these opponents, you are going to need to build your character so take notes and master each of the 3 moves: hook, press, or toproll and work on your stamina. Do you have what it takes to take on the undisputed undefeated Grand Champion Master X ?


First Released: 2007

Award winning mobile game

Achieve glory and prestige in the land of Bors! Battle in annual tournaments! Build your team of 4 and defeat opponents to climb up the leader-board! Prove that you are worthy of standing face to face with the Wargods!


First Released: 2009

The Sequel to EFL: Strategy Football

Voted Top Sports Game on BlackBerry for 3 Years!

Competition is heating up as coaches from around the world are uploading their stats to appear on the EFL All Pro team. If you have mastered EFL: Strategy Football, here is your chance to compare your skills with other strategy masters. Who will be remembered as EFL’s greatest coach?


First Released: 2009

97,000 users on Facebook and Myspace. Has ninjas!

Wargods is an Online Role Playing Game (RPG) which offers something for social gamers at all levels. This game has it all: ninjas, pets, faction leaders, and great warriors from the past who have returned as zombies! Simple game play options allow for quick learning however, mastering the game will challenge even the most advanced players. Did we mention it has ninjas?


“the best jigsaw puzzle game currently available”

GamersInfo.net (2010)

Last but not least, Solved! Online. First released in 2007, it was revamped for online gameplay and is already available to play on Blockstack in Beta. Follow the adventures of Jen and Tom as they travel the world with Professor Puzzler to unlock the secrets of an ancient artifact. More epic levels and larger puzzles are planned to be released during 2020.

so stay tuned!

2 of our developers will be dedicated to getting these Classics ready for Blockstack and we will keep you updated as we release these awesome titles throughout the year!

The rest of the team will continue to focus on our Enjin games, starting with a major update to Min-Mins in a couple weeks and later where we will add more Multiverse Item compatibility to both Min-Mins and Shield of Shalwend.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please drop us a note in our Telegram group.

See you on the blockchain!

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