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Enjin Multiverse


We are happy to announce that our games will now be supporting the Enjin Multiverse!

Enjin has developed technology that allows for items to be stored on the Blockchain that can now be integrated into multiple games across different game worlds.

The first game that will support the Multiverse will be Shield of Shalwend. We will be launching this month for PC and Mac! Here are some examples of how the multiverse items will appear in-game:

In addition to Shield of Shalwend, we will also be including Enjin Multiverse support to future game releases. Wargods Online 2, Theta Warriors Defense, Solved! Online, and Min-Mins scheduled to release this year featuring various multiverse items from the Blockchain!

Enjin’s technology also allows us to create items outside of the multiverse that can be used internally to connect our games. We plan on leveraging this feature in our upcoming online RPG, Wargods Online 2. More details coming soon.

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

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