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The Enjin team will be featured as characters in Min-Mins!


The legendary warriors of Enjin are coming soon to to your Min-Min army!

About Min-Mins

Min-mins is a turn based strategy game where armies of five compete for dominance in a battlefield of clouds. Skillfully placing your units while quickly revealing your opponent’s units are the keys to victory.

Over 80 units are available and each can grow in power as they gain fighting experience. Units are divided into five classes: Bombers, Destroyers, Healers, Scouts, and Tanks.

Team building is an important skill and caution is advised because once a unit is killed in battle it is gone forever.

Enjin Legends

The Enjin Legends team consist of five power units of each class. They can be summoned as a team for players holding the Enjin MFT (Multiverse Founder’s Token) and individually for holders of each character token.

Maxim aka The Mastermind

His ability to alter reality has lead to immense success. Maxim’s plans are often shrouded in mystery and his every word sends ripples throughout the community. The limits to his powers have yet to be tested as his empire continues to rise to impossible heights.

Witek aka Defender of 1155

Witek is on the front lines of the Blockchain Wars wielding the legendary Blade of Fungibility. Although he doesn’t seek fame, tales of his achievements have inspired an army of future blockchain defenders. Rumored to have the ability of time travel due to his creation of advanced 1155 technology.

Bryana aka The Wind Rider

She effortlessly rides the turbulent winds of the community. Often appearing at critical moments to calm the waters and disappearing just as quickly. Wise and graceful, her presence alone has conquered raging storms and revealed sunlight on even the darkest of days.

Tassio aka The Solution

When tensions are high and all hope is lost, the cries for help will summon this legendary warrior. With one mighty swing from his staff, known as the Flames of Justice, he is able to remove invaders, silence debates, and destroy the obstacles of advancement. His ability to communicate with the Gods of Creation has enabled him to speak with authority as a mentor to the masses.

Simon aka The Mercenary

Behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows, the most ambitious and relentless of soldiers is patiently waiting. Once he receives his orders, nothing can prevent this assassin from completing his task. His unmatched vision and precision to strike at the perfect opportunity has positioned him on the path to greatness.

Game Integration

Min-Mins MFT

The Min-Mins MFT will be required to unlock the ability to summon the Enjin Legends. The 1st generation of the Enjin Legend tokens will be distributed through special promotions and giveaway events. Holders of both the Min-Mins MFT and the Enjin Legend token will allow unlimited summons of the in-game units.

Enjin MFT

Enjin MFT holders will also be able to summon the full team of legends but with a limit of 5 per account.

Min-mins will be available soon on mobile platforms and is free to download and play. The game uses in-app purchases to recruit units to begin building more powerful teams.

The Enjin Wallet is required for these promotional items and can be downloaded here:

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