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Meet the Asgard Empire


If you like slugging it out with an opponent, if you think armor, sound tactics, discipline and defense fits your style join General Alton Dukes and the Asgard Empire.

Asgard is a martial society. It values the soldier most highly as the focus is on patriotism, comradery, and defense. The pervading ideology is that a strong military builds a secure nation. Citizenship is only earned after five years of military service. Non citizens are taxed at a higher rate, and they may not own property, own businesses, or hold governmental positions. Children may pass an entrance exam and join the military as early as ten years of age and as late as age twenty five.

Asgardian forces are known for their tenacity and their ability to defend. If Asgard is holding territory or assets the opposition will pay in spades. Another reason that it’s so difficult and costly to gain control or get possession of anything Asgard has is that Asgardians are very well trained. They’re particularly well disciplined under pressure and they’re good marksmen. Asgardian forces lack a bit in speed but their defensive tactics and armor are unparalleled.

It was when the Centaurian Senate was stymied and choking on their legalities and protocols that they elected a chancellor but it was to no avail. Unrest over the Alloy issue was rising. Greed still reigned supreme and the political wrangling continued while the violence escalated, so the Confederacy called upon the military to stop it.

The Army of the Centaurian Confederacy answered the call and found themselves fighting a guerilla war. Sometimes they were without reliable help from civilian law enforcement because of subterfuge and corruption, and there wasn’t just one enemy. There were many, and with differing agendas. Fighting often took place in areas heavily populated by non combatants where the presence of civilians limited the use of military force.

When some factions of guerilla fighters started using a new generation of small arms with Theta technology that the regular military didn’t have it became apparent that the guerillas were being funded and armed by private corporations. The military investigation pointed to corporations like Synergy Corp, with connections to the senate, and possibly, even the chancellor. The new weapons gave the guerilla fighters an advantage in urban situations and military losses mounted.

The senate refused to act on the matter citing a lack of evidence. When the story broke it raised a public furor that led to anarchy. It was every one for themselves as everybody who wanted a piece of Alloy ore or a cut of the action in Theta technology was willing to risk taking it.

General Alton Dukes led a successful military coup that was dubbed Operation Asgard. Having gained the cooperation of the security agency most of whom were former military he led an armed company into the Senate while it was in session and seized control declaring martial law. During the coup the chancellor was killed in a struggle while resisting arrest. The chancellor’s death touched off a full scale war.

The provisional military government became known as the Asgard regime and among its first acts was revoking the citizenship of all but active and former military personnel. The Asgard regime was then formalized by popular vote.

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