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Meet the Omega Empire


If you like raw power in battle then, welcome to Omega. The symbol of the Omega Empire is a closed fist, and their forces pack a punch. Some of it is because Omegan weaponry is just slightly heavier than their opposition. There is also a high morale factor. They’re fighters and their offensive mindset leaves them lacking slightly when it comes to defense. They’re style is more aggressive than either the Asgrardian or Synergy forces. The reason for that is based in the attitude that the common man matters. They feel as though their leader Nalon Murphy has their best interest at heart.

Nalon Murphy, is a charismatic self educated business mogul become senator who was wounded on the senate floor during the coup while failing in an attempt to save the chancellor who was his political rival. That selfless act rallied many to him and sensing the opportunity he leveraged public opinion and support to emerge at the head of Omega.

The emerging Omega Empire claims to be the legitimate heir of the Centaurian Confederacy. It is certainly the most like it in that it’s the most populous, and like the old government its philosophy is more inclusive of the common man. Unlike Asgard where profession determines status, or Synergy where it stems from one’s station, it’s driven by the level of achievement in the Omega Empire.

Omegan ideals are about power. There’s no such thing as too much power, only the abuses and imbalances of it. As a result there is a counter balance to power; a strong emphasis on responsibility. Where the Centaurian Confederacy was weak in that it was over encumbered by bureaucracy the Omegan Empire is decisive and direct in using power but abusing it brings strong consequences.

While it is in fact a dictatorship Omega has a constitution that guarantees basic human rights, and laws are rigorously enforced. The legal system allows only a single appeal even on capital cases. Sentences are carried out immediately upon conviction, and cases of law enforcement officials not operating ethically are rare because if an official is convicted of a breach of ethics they receive the same penalty as the convicted criminal.

Even at the family level parents are empowered in the discipline of their children. They may use any form of discipline they deem fit so long as it has not been deemed harmful or causes no physical effects that last longer than an hour. Parents are also held fully legally responsible for the conduct and education of children under their roof.

At the age of fifteen children can be legally considered for emancipation on a case by case basis and can be tried as adults. Parents with children who are problematic can ask for them to be removed from their home but removing the child comes with mandatory sterilization for the parents.

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