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Meet The Synergy Empire


If speed and stealth are central to your fighting approach then Synergy is where you belong especially if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of power in the trade since they are a bit light in that regard. Their weapons systems are always updated with state of the art Theta technology that makes them a bit faster, and speed kills. Synergy prefers quick strike Ninja style tactics because it plays to their strengths and fits their pervading philosophy. Synergy troops are well trained in survival and creative problem solving. It’s a skill set insisted upon by their leader, Her Supremacy, Tiffany Centauri.

Tiffany Centauri is first cousin by blood to General Alton Dukes of Asgard, and she is the bastard daughter of the late General Cole Dukes. She’s also the CEO of Synergy Corp. She traveled in the circles of the powerful as a child. As a result she knows many politicians, military, financiers, and scientists but because of her illegitimate status she has never been an insider. Having gotten a raw deal by birth she joined the military and trained in covert ops. She was wounded in combat twice and proved a resourceful leader and field commander of an elite unit and was promoted to colonel in record time before leaving the military.

Nobody’s quite sure whether Synergy Corp was just implicated in the weapons scandal, when their involvement started or, whether they were actually building and supplying weapons for the guerrillas. Exactly what their role was in the whole affair has always been unclear. There were too many rumors, too much confusion, and too much disinformation and ambiguity to be sure of anything except that somewhere in the fog of the Centaurian Apocalypse Synergy Corp went from being a medium sized corporation to becoming a governing regime complete with an army.

Synergy is a refined empire. It attracted many scholars and power players. Society is sophisticated and multilayered. Intellectualism is in vogue and the arts, fueled by new ideas are flourishing even against the backdrop of war which in the eyes of some has become a kind of art in its own right.

The influence of such ideas has rippled outward into consumer goods and housing. Dual purpose clothing is reversible and designed with hidden pockets. New homes are built with concealed rooms, and custom furnishings are made with built in puzzles and secret compartments.

Accuracy and precision in all things are valued throughout the Synergy Empire, particularly in military tactics. Time in preparation translates to recognizing the moment, and being ready when it’s time to strike. If you can understand how the sword can be both elegant and lethal and you appreciate the art of war then Synergy awaits your service.

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