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Shield of Shalwend 2.0 is now live!


Newly redesigned and ready for action on PC and Mac platforms. Shield of Shalwend has been completely recreated with new gameplay and challenges.

Join Shalwend, Brightblayde, and Danjirus as they attempt to defend a castle in Elf territory for 25 days. This story of bravery, adventure, and humor is based on true events that culminated in Shalwend being proclaimed as a Wargod.

As you kill wave after wave of elven drones, you will be rewarded higher ranks in the realm. Though their numbers are great, you are armed with Shalwend’s lightning quick reflexes and tremendous strength. Time your attacks and unleash your rage using the power of the Wargods!

Enjin Support

Multiverse Items: Stormwall Shield and Forgehammer

To enable Enjin Support, download the mobile wallet at:

Enigma Collectibles

Collectible items have a chance to drop in chests during combat. To view your collectible items and see rewards go to:

*To receive collectibles, you must have your Enjin wallet linked

Future Plans

  • Online PvP – As the community grows of course everyone wants to know who is best!
  • New Quest Campaigns – What happened after the castle defense?
  • More playable characters – Meet Brightblayde and Danjirus!

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