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Shield of Shalwend is Live on Steam!!

Enigma Games is proud to announce a major milestone – We have released our first game on Steam!

Shield of Shalwend is now available for download from the world’s premiere gaming site. To celebrate this moment we are having a promotion sale of 15% off on Shield of Shalwend on Steam up to 22 March 2020!

For just $12.50 you can join Shalwend, Brightblayde, and Danjirus as they attempt to defend a castle in Elf territory for 25 days.

15% Off Promotion Sale

Hurry, sale ends March 22!

This story of bravery, adventure, and humor is based on true events that culminated in Shalwend being proclaimed as a Wargod.

As you kill wave after wave of elven drones, you will be rewarded higher standing in the pantheon of Norse gods. Though their numbers are great, you are armed with Shalwend’s lightning quick reflexes and tremendous strength. Time your attacks and unleash your rage using the power of the Wargods!

Play it in Single Player mode or go full on in PvP or Co-Op mode!

Available for both PC and Mac

Have you ever wondered what Brightblayde’s fighting skills are like? Does he fight like a girl? Well you’re going to love our next update: Playing as Brightblayde the Blacksmith!

Coming soon in the next Shield of Shalwend update

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please drop us a note in our Telegram group.

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