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Barracks System

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    This is an upgrade to the old team/merc system from the original. The Barracks will be the main management system for team building. Mercenaries and non-clan players can be hired for a length of time rather than permanently like before. The more team more teams that a player is on, the higher their rate will be.

    For example: If Hammer is on 50 teams, it will cost 8000 drachs to hire him for 1 week. Meanwhile since Tzolak is only on 3 teams, you can hire him for 500 drachs for the week.

    Hiring for longer periods of time at lower prices (before they get famous) is the best strategy! Also, the drachs will go directly to the player hired so there is profit in being famous.

    After a player is hired, you can see their inventory (weapons and armor only) and AI options and request that they change. Other options include clan invitation, trade requests, quest invitations, and other collaboration options.

    Non-Player mercenaries can receive items through trade requests and will only accept items and change their inventory/AI if it increases their overall power. This is something that we need to discuss because changing a merc to suit your team may ruin another player’s team!



    I’m not sure that I like being able to change non-player merc gear. If the point of the game is to encourage more players and diversity then making the non-player mercs static is a better way to go.


    i’m with lok on this one. having the ability to customize your own non-player mercenary will not promote communications among players. non-player based mercs should be pre set.

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