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    Hello !

    here is my bug reports about the 0.0.2 version of Theta Warriors :

    for you to know, I’m using Windows 10 x64

    Globaly :
    – finishing a mission doesn’t give rewards (no stars)
    – A click at the end of the battle skip all the animation
    – You can’t attack the turrets ?
    – The echap key returns to the mission menu
    – The left / right buttons in the Asgard / Omega / Synergy mission menus are glowing but nothing happens when clicking it
    – the big “?” + leaderboard button on the top of the menus is inactive
    – the “view clans” button is inactive

    – the objectives are very clear but maybe adding some sub-objectives and more info could be nice. For example, I’m sending the Mantis on the road : 1st sub-mission checked + a reminder of what this unit can and can’t do. It’s a defender class, but is it better against another type of unit ?
    I sent every units at once and then Mission Complete ^^
    – Adding an area around the turrets to know their reach
    – What is the differences between the bases ?
    – When finishing the missions of the “story mode”, it leads to the tutorial mission menu

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