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    Joseph Perez

    So What does anyone think?

    if we started a base of 4 classes and as we lvl we can chose which specific class we’d like to go.

    maybe start a warrior class that will branch off to Gladiator , Paladin , Guardian.

    Rouge Like Class that branches to maybe (Rename Rouge to) Assassin, Ninja , Archer.

    Caster Classes have two separate start points Control casters and than Damaging casters.

    Controls branch too : Cleric , Wizard , Stormcaller.

    Damaging Casters branch to : Elemental , Mage , Sorcerer.

    Just a Thought 🙂


    Interesting idea!

    As long as the base classes are fun to play without feeling too limited. So the first 10 levels or so would be an experiment to find the style they like the best? We can either have the bass classes split up by damage type or by team roles. For example:

    Offensive class would evolve into Gladiator, Sorcerer, or Ninja.
    Defensive class would evolve into Guardian, Elemental, or Archer.
    Helper class would evolve into Cleric, Wizard, or Mage.
    Hybrid class would evolve into Rogue, Paladin, or Stormcaller.

    Let me know what you guys think about this idea. Would it help newbies understand the class system better?


    I like this idea. Would give you the feeling of having options. Options are always good 👍


    I think having the options as “Offense, Defense, Support, Hybrid” is a great idea. Each of those base classes can then have a description for the advanced class based on what they want to do with their character.

    Great idea!

    Nonny Zee

    I am on board with an Offense/Defense/Support/Hybrid class.

    Rogue/Warrior/Caster/Control seems it is less clear on where players want to build their character.

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