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    One of the biggest upgrades for the sequel is moving away from turn based and using an Action Point system. This means that each character in the battle starts with 0 Action Points and depending on their speed, the points start building. Once a character has enough points to do an action, they can act. No specific order and no waiting your turn.

    Another change is that now you can control the full team. Team characters will have options based on their AI that you can select between. For example: A Gladiator has “Attack Healing” as their AI. He has enough action points to do a Wound attack. Since the opponent has a Cleric and a Paladin alive, you can choose to attack either one of them because they have healing. So using this example you can control the Gladiator but you don’t have freedom to attack the Mage unless the AI allows it.

    This system creates a fast pace battle style that will be more exciting. It also gives us a foundation to add full 4v4 multiplayer combat with each player controlling their own character.

    Another big change is that skills are now separate instead of stacking to one attack. In the original, an attack could have Injure, Hamstring, Disarm, and Concussion all in one hit. Now we will be moving to a system where characters have a max of 4 skill slots that can be edited. So now the Guardian will have a choice between Attack, Injure, Guard, and Hamstring. This change allows us to add more skills without throwing off the game balance or having battles be completely random.

    More excitement, more strategy, less RNG!


    This definitely sounds like the best change so far. I can see speed is going to be really big.


    Can you choose who the cleric/paladin heals or is that still going off a.i?


    hmm good question. The old AI didnt filter who you healed only when you healed. Nobody would select “Never heal” or “Heal at 20% in this new system either.

    I would say AI is only for attack selections. Would that be confusing?


    Why would nobody want those choices in the new system? Some classes are chosen for your group due to their targetting priority and their ability to do damage of a certain type from “behind the scenes”.


    I see what you mean I think. Having “heal at 20%” means that the user won’t have the option to heal with your cleric until somebody gets below 20%. When someone is at 30%, you are limiting them from making a judgement call to heal early.

    Leaving the AI at Default would allow them to heal whenever they saw fit but they wouldn’t be using your Cleric the way you want it to be used.

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