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Crafting System

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    Finally we get a crafting system in WGO! Most of the original weapons and armor will be included in the sequel but the underlying systems are changing up.

    The look of the items are in a separate layer called Skin. The skin of items can be changed at any time without affecting stats. The template layer is where stat bonuses are found. Templates come with a material bonus and slots for ore. Ore slots can either be skill or stat.

    Careers come into play with creating templates, adding/removing ore, adding/removing skins, etc.

    This system gives players freedom to keep a desired look without sacrificing performance.


    While crafting is an awesome addition, will there be a trade system implemented? I could see some people having fun crafting items just to sell to other players.


    Yes, trade will be inside the mail system. You can attach an item to mail and pay to have it delivered to the person. I’m also thinking that you can request a price in mail as well and the receiver can’t claim the item without paying.

    This will allow players to buy items for others as a gift. Buy a template and mail it with a price of 0. This was something people wanted to do in the original.


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