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    It’s been a long time coming but we are finally ready to nail down the sequel to Wargods Online!

    We are going with a 3d instanced combat system that has an Action Point combat system instead of the original Turn Based. The instanced combat decision was made to be compatible with VR and mobile devices so that we can expand to more platforms in the future.

    I’ll start by listing all of the features for the game. We are more focused on the social interactions that lead up to better clans and rivalries.

    Feel free to ask a bunch of questions and disagree with our decisions if you must! As before, this is your game too. We will all be playing this for the next 4 years so get comfortable.


    i was about to visit the site after a while and saw this. looking forward to this! definitely liked the action points system! been playing similar games in a while now and will love to see WGO2 come to live 🙂



    I missed seeing your name in chat. I have been talking about the design with Iban and a few others and they are begging for us to make it open world rather than turn based.

    Turn based with action points is easier of course lol


    i have been playing and enjoying some energy based card-like games lately and i think it would be nice design for new WGO, still live non-turn based PvP where your characters speed would determine the action points accumulation speed which you can use to cast spells/skills. i like that, not too old (no offense to turn based!) and still very strategical.


    Yes seems like we could have more content and features if the gameplay was instanced rather than open world. It would take us a few years to fill up a world with quests and content!


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